TIP0020 - Definition of ClassOfRelationshipWithSignature - one participation and one involvement-by-reference

latest update: 2017-01-31    

TIP0020C- Definition of ClassOfRelationshipWithSignature - one participation and one involvement-by-reference


OtherRelationship needs to be classified in order to define its meaning.

This TIP requires extensive usage of many picklists that are an excerpt of the RDL and/or a local extension thereof.

One related instance of ClassOfPhysicalObject is participating in the ClassOfActivity (that is: its members can physically participate in any member Activity), and one related instance of ClassOfPhysicalObject is only involved by reference (that is: its members can be involved by reference in any member Activity).

NOTE - The defined instance of ClassOfRelationshipWithSignature belongs in the RDL or a local extension thereof. This TIP shall be used with great care in order to warrant proper mapping by the recipient of the information. The scope is, in fact, endless, because everything can be linked to everything else, be it that, at times, the semantics may be unclear.


Welding a pipe (the participating side) in accordance with Welding Instruction WS-372 (the involvement-by-reference side).


NOTE - The cardinality of Participant indicates in how many instances of OtherRelationship, that are members of this "ClassOfOtherRelationship" (actually called ClassOfRelationshipWithSignature in Part 2), Participant can play its role in at the same time. This information can be used to avoid that too many (or too few) instances involve that participant.

PICKLISTS (compose per application based on the RDL or local extension thereof)

Select var_Activity from an Activity picklist

Select var_Participant and var_ReferredOOI from a PhysicalObject picklist, or subdivisions thereof like Person picklist, Organization picklist, etc

Select var_ParticipantRole and var_ReferredOOIRole from a Role picklist

Select var_ParticipantCard and var_ReferredOOICard from a Cardinality picklist






<TGUID1> rdf:type dm:ClassOfRelationshipWithSignature ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "var_dateTime"^^xsd:dateTime .  

<TGUID2> rdf:type tpl:ClassifiedIdentificationOfClassOfIndividual ;

    tpl:hasIdentified <TGUID1>;

    tpl:valIdentifier "var_IdentOfOOI" ;

    tpl:hasIdentificationType <var_IdentType> ; # from picklist

    meta:valEffectiveDate "var_dateTime"^^xsd:dateTime .  



<TGUID3> rdf:type tpl:ClassOfOtherRelationshipWithParticipationAndInvolvementByReference ;

    tpl:hasParticipantType <var_Participant> ;

    tpl:hasRoleOfParticipant <var_ParticipantRole> ;

    tpl:hasActivityType <var_Activity> ;

    tpl:hasReferenceType <var_ReferredOOI> ;

    tpl:hasRoleOfReference <var_ReferredOOIRole> ;

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfParticipant <var_ParticipantCard> ;

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfReference <var_ReferredOOICard> ;

    tpl:hasDefined <TGUID1> ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "var_dateTime"^^xsd:dateTime .  



<TGUID1> <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#type> <http://data.15926.org/dm/ClassOfRelationshipWithSignature> .

<TGUID1> <http://data.15926.org/meta/valEffectiveDate> "var_dateTime"^^<http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#dateTime> .


<TGUID2> <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#type> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/ClassifiedIdentificationOfClassOfIndividual> .

<TGUID2> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasIdentified> <TGUID1> .

<TGUID2> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/valIdentifier> "var_IdentOfOOI" .

<TGUID2> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasIdentificationType> <var_IdentType> .

<TGUID2> <http://data.15926.org/meta/valEffectiveDate> "var_dateTime"^^<http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#dateTime> .


<TGUID3> <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#type> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/ClassOfOtherRelationshipWithParticipationAndInvolvementByReference> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasParticipantType> <var_Participant> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasRoleOfParticipant> <var_ParticipantRole> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasActivityType> <var_Activity> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasReferenceType> <var_ReferredOOI> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasRoleOfReference> <var_ReferredOOIRole> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasCardinalityOfParticipant> <var_ParticipantCard> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasCardinalityOfReference> <var_ReferredOOICard> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/tpl/hasDefined> <TGUID1> .

<TGUID3> <http://data.15926.org/meta/valEffectiveDate> "var_dateTime"^^<http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#dateTime> .